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Newly established in Switzerland, Rhinoceros Jazz Records strive for an extraordinary and genuine listening experience.

Laying the focus on stylistic continuity and the essential features that make up Jazz, such as improvisation, the Swing feel or spontaneity, Rhinoceros Jazz Records emerge from meticulous audio engineering and carefully selected acoustic environments.

Our diehard interest in the sound quality of Jazz phonograph records of the Fifties and Sixties pushes us to outline very precise recording techniques and aesthetics in an unusually holistic approach.

We collaborate with a variety of recording venues and trusted recording engineers, video artists, photographers, graphic designers, and pressing plants in order to guarantee flawless and sophisticated productions throughout.

Rhinoceros Jazz Records are called into life by the desire to refer all benefits generating from a record production and its legal safeguarding back to the artist and the artist alone.

Going by the principle that it is the quest of every modern-day musician to popularize her/his art form and to build her/his own special listenership, our label leaps beyond the protocols of today’s music industry.

As a matter of fact, current distribution models that depend on online music stores and online streaming services have led to a consumption-oriented attitude towards listening to music and a dissipation of royalties with alarming consequences for the artists.

This is why the focus of our label is set on valorizing music at a worthy price mainly on physical media, in order for artists to gift their audience with a Gesamtkunstwerk that transcends virtual formats.

By being fully involved in all dimensions of their profession, artists on Rhinoceros Jazz Records, who, after all, have their raison d'ętre in making the world a more interesting place, always have inclusive control over all aspects of the distribution of their Art.

Artist Access

Artists featured on Rhinoceros Jazz Records can follow every stage of their productions on our specially designed and secure online platform. Viewing and downloading production content is made quick and easy.

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Artist relations

We are looking forward to new and exciting collaborations. If our label is of interest, artists should feel free to contact us with their proposals and ideas.

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